On Suffering

As I write I want to say I may not be the first to use these words, never mind have these ideas. Anyways I believe is was Gauguin who said, “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” so either you make something up or use someone else’s thought. So here are my reflections, some my own, others not.

I have tasted defeat, I have felt victory slip through my grasp on many an occasion. I have wandered through life wondering who I am and what defines me. I have read too many words, and seen too much. I have at times wondered where God was when I could not hear him. Suppose for a minute the reason I could not hear him was I was living to loud, or my life was speaking to fast.

We all desire good things to happen to us. We want to feel loved, we want joy, and we want grace. We want to experience pleasure, and happiness, wealth, and prosperity. None of us want bad things to happen. I desire hunger, because in being hungry I will have chance to have the pleasure of being filled. I desire quietness, so I can hear Him when He speaks. Suppose for once without suffering of any type where the human race would be technologically, or even militarily. Think how one can mature without growing pains. So maybe I long for suffering not in some extremeist way that I would go about flogging myself but only to feel the prosperity that comes of it. I long for these things as a dying man longs for death, for I know whats on the other side of the struggle, or rather as a pregnant woman longs for the hours of labor, for I know the beauty that would be made complete if I last through the dark hour of pain. I’ve learned not to seek hunger, suffering, or silence as an end point, but rather as the start of a process. Besides this we know and understand God has made all things beautiful in time, emphasize the word ALL.

To the reader-

I have no idea what you are going through right now, but let those words of Ecclesiastes speak encouragement into your lives, whether you face a hill or a mountain know that God is with you. Even if you can’t see Him see how He is working everything out in you to make you beautiful (or shine) in your time. Remember to find that place of quietness where it is just you and Him.

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On love and Beauty

I know its been a while since my last post, I forgot my password, and my email got changed so I have not been able to sign in lately but I am back. On another note here is my newest blog.

Love, what an intriguing word…we know in part, we see in part, we also love in part. It takes a perfect being to love perfectly, but who is perfect? Ah, no one but we are created in the image…in the likeness of God who is perfection. We were created perfect, but our perfection has become tarnished by sin. Our vision has become tarnished, and our love too has become tarnished. Does this mean that man lacks the capacity to love? No! We still have some natural ability to love, but one’s love has become defined by one’s view of God. In other such words, one’s view of love is as twisted as one’s view of God.

Beauty, this is a deep word. We are raised saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but are not somethings just inherently beautiful? We all look at a newborn and think it is most precious. Are not somethings inherently beautiful by design? Humanity is one of those beautiful creations. Yes like the previously mentioned topic (love) beauty too has become tarnished by sin. Storms, both physical and psychological are signs of that. Even take the previous statement (regarding the newborn) the pain invloved in the conception of such a being created in the image of God is painful, and even more painful is what it took for man to be born again, perfected in God’s sight. That took the ultimate price, death of a perfect being, undefiled by sin. That is a most beautiful love.

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Birth, and Death of Dreams

A vision born

The heart is torn

The end too far to see

A vision die

With solemn sigh

I know it cannot be

Standing shaking

Mind is aching

For it’s bigger than me

The will God’s plan

Lord help me stan’

Please be my only plea

One dream gets consumed by the birth of another. The dreams of man are often not the dreams of God. Sometimes for us to pursue the dreams or visions God has placed on our hearts we must first see our own dreams goodbye. Sometimes in order to understand the value of our purpose we must seek God before our own wants. It is in that place where we seek God that we often find the true purpose of our lives.




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A Sonnet for Easter (my Sonnet number 1)

Spring is a season for love that is said

What intrigues me more is the falling rain

For the Lord of Love is fallen and dead

What is spring but sorrow, pity, and pain?

Upon a tree is borne his wond’rous name

Tis the cross of Christ for all sinners slain

He took the burden of my sin and shame

What is spring when ceases the hurting pain?


Love! Love! Has love risen from this stone grave

The Father rejoices who hid His head

All my sin, the heat of hell His Son braved

For the Lord of Love rose, no longer dead

He put asunder Satan’s zealous ploy

The Son rose again to give all men joy!

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The Nature Trail

Sitting by my creek of contemplation

Perplexed by the Master’s creation

Hear her, the crick’s waters run

See the animals hopping having fun

Humbled by the nature of my Maker, all my pride undone


Then I sit at the hill of hallucination

Drawn in by my own imagination

I see the moonlit, starlit sky

Caught in a trance by some firefly

I will bask in His presence, in the grass I lie


Then I walk the path paved with gold

The path where angels tred

I feel weak but somewhat bold

My voice by His Spirit led

Singing songs of adoration, praise, and hope

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Love Expressed in Night and Day

If I were to give a label to beauty

Love her label would have to be

For it is by love she is created

And love inspires creativity


And if sorrow need be named

I’d call her love just the same

For the sights i see as I walk down the street

A man weeps where his wife sleep


And if joy were given a title

Once again love would be that title

People all dancing in the rain

Watch them grow lovers ’til their dying days


And if pain too were called

I’d as well call her love

I see my Creator on a tree

Crying tears, sweating blood for me


If I were to give love a name

I’d call her beauty and sorrow both the same

I’d say she is both joy and pain alike

For love is expressed in both day and night

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My Ode to Him Who Sits on the Throne

His creative hand is seen in all of nature

In the sun, the stars, and every creature

This is my ode to Him who sits on the throne

Majestic, and crowned with the clouds

With thunder in His voice he shall smite the proud

His mystery is expressed in the depth of the moon

And His majesty is sung by the loon

His desire to build and grow is shown in every ounce of loam

His wisdom is in our sweat, the dog’s panting breath, and the rooster’s comb

His mercy is made evident as the sun sets with every blood red sky

It reminds me of how he died, it inspires watery eyes

With humility I bow in awe at His mystery

This is my ode to Him who sits on the throne

Majestic, and crowned with the clouds

His creativity expressed in all of nature

In man, and beast, every plant, and tree

His song is sung by every creature


Joseph Elon A.K.A. LovExpressed


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