On love and Beauty

I know its been a while since my last post, I forgot my password, and my email got changed so I have not been able to sign in lately but I am back. On another note here is my newest blog.

Love, what an intriguing word…we know in part, we see in part, we also love in part. It takes a perfect being to love perfectly, but who is perfect? Ah, no one but we are created in the image…in the likeness of God who is perfection. We were created perfect, but our perfection has become tarnished by sin. Our vision has become tarnished, and our love too has become tarnished. Does this mean that man lacks the capacity to love? No! We still have some natural ability to love, but one’s love has become defined by one’s view of God. In other such words, one’s view of love is as twisted as one’s view of God.

Beauty, this is a deep word. We are raised saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but are not somethings just inherently beautiful? We all look at a newborn and think it is most precious. Are not somethings inherently beautiful by design? Humanity is one of those beautiful creations. Yes like the previously mentioned topic (love) beauty too has become tarnished by sin. Storms, both physical and psychological are signs of that. Even take the previous statement (regarding the newborn) the pain invloved in the conception of such a being created in the image of God is painful, and even more painful is what it took for man to be born again, perfected in God’s sight. That took the ultimate price, death of a perfect being, undefiled by sin. That is a most beautiful love.


About LovExpressed

My name is Joseph Elon Lillie VI (that's right the sixth). I am a junior in college. I have learned we spend so much time caught complaining and focusing on things that don't matter so the things that matter slip through our fingers like water. when it comes to what matters, I have learned that nothing matters to me as much as love, hope, and faith. These things keep me focused on the goal. I have had good times where I was happy, and I have had times of despair; but my blessing has always outweighed the sorrow that I have felt. I am currently in the middle of my first novella. Enjoy the journey with me as I discover the things that really matter in life.
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