The Nature Trail

Sitting by my creek of contemplation

Perplexed by the Master’s creation

Hear her, the crick’s waters run

See the animals hopping having fun

Humbled by the nature of my Maker, all my pride undone


Then I sit at the hill of hallucination

Drawn in by my own imagination

I see the moonlit, starlit sky

Caught in a trance by some firefly

I will bask in His presence, in the grass I lie


Then I walk the path paved with gold

The path where angels tred

I feel weak but somewhat bold

My voice by His Spirit led

Singing songs of adoration, praise, and hope


About LovExpressed

My name is Joseph Elon Lillie VI (that's right the sixth). I am a junior in college. I have learned we spend so much time caught complaining and focusing on things that don't matter so the things that matter slip through our fingers like water. when it comes to what matters, I have learned that nothing matters to me as much as love, hope, and faith. These things keep me focused on the goal. I have had good times where I was happy, and I have had times of despair; but my blessing has always outweighed the sorrow that I have felt. I am currently in the middle of my first novella. Enjoy the journey with me as I discover the things that really matter in life.
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One Response to The Nature Trail

  1. jelillie says:

    I enjoyed this one a lot son!

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