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A Sonnet for Easter (my Sonnet number 1)

Spring is a season for love that is said What intrigues me more is the falling rain For the Lord of Love is fallen and dead What is spring but sorrow, pity, and pain? Upon a tree is borne his … Continue reading

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The Nature Trail

Sitting by my creek of contemplation Perplexed by the Master’s creation Hear her, the crick’s waters run See the animals hopping having fun Humbled by the nature of my Maker, all my pride undone   Then I sit at the … Continue reading

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Love Expressed in Night and Day

If I were to give a label to beauty Love her label would have to be For it is by love she is created And love inspires creativity   And if sorrow need be named I’d call her love just … Continue reading

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My Ode to Him Who Sits on the Throne

His creative hand is seen in all of nature In the sun, the stars, and every creature This is my ode to Him who sits on the throne Majestic, and crowned with the clouds With thunder in His voice he … Continue reading

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The Wind: a Fleeting Fantasy

On a cold autumn day I hear her scream It sends shivers down my spine It frightens me She is the wind A fleeting fantasy: As I lie asleep in bed Her breeze soothes my stormy soul It comforts me … Continue reading

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The Mind

The mind is a most interesting battlefield. It is the ground upon which good and evil battle. The mind has been said to be a prison of thoughts, I will expand on that thought. These thoughts constantly bang on the … Continue reading

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