Celebrating the Rain

We often look at the rain (hard times of life) as something that is bad but I am learning to see why rain has her purpose. Rain has several purposes, and when we have the right attitude towards the rain it can actually strengthen us. So here are some things I am learning about the rain.

1. Rain makes us realize it is not in our own strength we go through life. As a Christian the rain makes me realize how much more I need God than I currently do. As a member of a family, and having a few close friends rain makes me realize how much family and friends really mean.

2. Rain matures us. If you look at a garden that has not been watered…or rained on you would see a bunch of dying, withering flowers. The same is true of us. Without going through the difficult places in life, there would be no need for us to mature and grow up, but for some reason rain seems to make us more mature.

3. Rain tends to reveal the true you. Take Job for example, no matter how much it seemed to rain on his life he still had faith. He resisted what his friends were saying despite the situation.

4. Remember when it rains and you seem to be down on your luck, above the clouds is always a brighter sky.


Luke Bryan was right, “Rain is a good thing” but it has nothing to do with corn or whiskey

Rejoice, and be content when it rains, there is still a blue sky above the clouds. Don’t forget that

Sunlight, and rain,
Joseph Elon


About LovExpressed

My name is Joseph Elon Lillie VI (that's right the sixth). I am a junior in college. I have learned we spend so much time caught complaining and focusing on things that don't matter so the things that matter slip through our fingers like water. when it comes to what matters, I have learned that nothing matters to me as much as love, hope, and faith. These things keep me focused on the goal. I have had good times where I was happy, and I have had times of despair; but my blessing has always outweighed the sorrow that I have felt. I am currently in the middle of my first novella. Enjoy the journey with me as I discover the things that really matter in life.
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One Response to Celebrating the Rain

  1. jelillie says:

    Thanks Joe. You’re right rain however much of a bummer is good for us in so many ways!

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