How to Carry the Burdens of Another

Rangers has always meant so much to me. Ever since I was 6 or 7 it was a place of fellowship. At age 10 or 11 I was hiking. I was not the smallest child by any means except for the fact that I had no merits. Towards the middle of one hike I stopped for 12-15 minutes until a commander asked, “Joe why did you stop?” My response, “I dont think I can make it.” I had given up. The commander offered to carry me up the mountain I was okay with that, heck that was when piggy back rides were fun.

We cannot make it up the mountain of life alone. In fact we have responsibility to each other to see eachother up the mountain. Galatians 6:1-2 says, “Brohers if you see one trapped in sin you who are spiritual should help him gently, but watch your self or you may also be tempted. Bear one anothers burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” This IS love made evident. This is an essential part of the Christian faith.

When you see someone stopped on the mountain of life looking down as if to give up and go home, you have responsibility to ask whats wrong. Just like that commander (to whom I want to say thank you for the lesson you taught me) carried me, we all have responsibility to say I will see you up the mountain no matter what. Often times carrying someone up the mountain takes only a word of encouragement. At other times it WILL take hours of intentional, painful, devoted intercession for an individual. Whatever the case we are responsible to do what we can with God’s help, but something must be done. So whenever you pass someone and it seems as if they are about to give up and go home, you stop and say how can I see you up this mountain. It may be more painful than saying, “Yeah, whatever,” but IT IS WORTH EVERYTHING!

I sometimes get burdened by others needs. Sometimes by what I hear, others by what I see. I think I can fix whats wrong, but in reality I can’t. I can’t even deal with my own petty problems but here’s what I can do. I can put your burden in my backpack, put my arm around you when you are to weary to stand and take you to the Master, He will give you strength…I am heading in that direction anyway.


Joseph Elon




About LovExpressed

My name is Joseph Elon Lillie VI (that's right the sixth). I am a junior in college. I have learned we spend so much time caught complaining and focusing on things that don't matter so the things that matter slip through our fingers like water. when it comes to what matters, I have learned that nothing matters to me as much as love, hope, and faith. These things keep me focused on the goal. I have had good times where I was happy, and I have had times of despair; but my blessing has always outweighed the sorrow that I have felt. I am currently in the middle of my first novella. Enjoy the journey with me as I discover the things that really matter in life.
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One Response to How to Carry the Burdens of Another

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing, Joseph

    Beautiful picture of looking out for each other. 🙂


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