I have found on the journey of life there are actually a few things that matter: faith, hope, and love are probably the most important things in my life. Now we can focus so much, and complain about the things that do not matter, and miss out on the things that do (trust me I know) I see it happen every day.

Now let me introduce myself. I am currently going on my junior year in college, it has been a bumpy ride with all of its ups, downs, twists and turns. I have probably learned more about life in the past two years than I did the other 19 years combined. I have been at the top of the world, and have hit rock bottom, but regardless I have been blessed far beyond the sorrow I have experienced.

I have to thank my father for inspiring me to pick up blogging. If you want to check out his stuff, the blog is “Reinventing the We’ll.” Where we do vary in style, and even thought process I have to thank him for being my mentor, and teacher throughout life.

This blog is about a young man going through life, the observations he makes and the relation to the values he holds near. I will often touch on the topic of love, and the hope that surrounds us, that we refuse to see. I will also be writing about my adventures throughout this life of faith. I trust you’ll enjoy the journey with me as I discover what really matters in life. Blessings until next time…


About LovExpressed

My name is Joseph Elon Lillie VI (that's right the sixth). I am a junior in college. I have learned we spend so much time caught complaining and focusing on things that don't matter so the things that matter slip through our fingers like water. when it comes to what matters, I have learned that nothing matters to me as much as love, hope, and faith. These things keep me focused on the goal. I have had good times where I was happy, and I have had times of despair; but my blessing has always outweighed the sorrow that I have felt. I am currently in the middle of my first novella. Enjoy the journey with me as I discover the things that really matter in life.
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